Mortal Kombat 4 Unreal Engine 5

Here are two more Mortal Kombat 4 endings recreated in Unreal Engine 5

In 2020 and 2022, we shared some MK4 endings that were recreated in Unreal Engine 4/5. And today, we are bringing you another one. This time, Darko Subotin has recreated Mileena’s and Kitana’s ending from Mortal Kombat 4/Gold in Unreal Engine 5.

Subotin has created a brand new environment for this remake. Furthermore, he was able to stay true to the cringe of the original endings. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have these endings any other way. Seriously, just look at Mileena’s facial expression. It’s priceless.

If, and that’s a big IF, NetherRealm decides to remake this MK game, I expect them to keep the endings as janky as they originally were.

But anyway, go ahead and enjoy this fan remake.

Mortal Kombat 4 - Kitana's and Mileena's Endings Remade in Unreal Engine 5

For comparison purposes, here is Kitana’s original FMV ending from Mortal Kombat Gold. And, in my opinion, the UE5 real-time fan remake looks better than that old CG ending.

Mortal Kombat Gold - Kitana Ending & Bio - Sega Dreamcast Mortal Kombat 4 [AI Upscaled to 1080p]