Here are 6 minutes of beautiful gameplay footage from the latest version of Star Citizen

IGN has shared a new video, showing 6 minutes of gameplay footage from the latest version of Star Citizen. The mission showcased here is really boring – as you basically have to pick up a box and nothing more – however it shows the game’s beautiful visuals.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha phase and Cloud Imperium plans to release its next version, 3.2.0, in Q2 2018. This version will feature performance improvements that will increase overall framerate among all PC specs, as well as network code fixes to improve performance.

Cloud Imperium aims to release version 3.3.0 in Q3 2018, version 3.4.0 in Q4 2018 and version 3.5.0 in Q1 2019. This basically means that we’ll be lucky if the game comes out in 2019 (which obviously will not happen).

But anyway, enjoy the following video and stay tuned for more!

Star Citizen: 6 Gorgeous Minutes of "Picking up a Box" Gameplay (1080p 60fps)