Stage 9 is a fan remake of Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4, available for download

Star Trek fans, here is something special for you today. Stage 9 is a fan project that aims to remake the sets used in Star Trek The Next Generation in Unreal Engine 4. According to its creators, the ultimate goal of this remake is to allow players to explore the entire Enterprise D from Star Trek The Next Generation in a detailed virtual recreation.

Once the ship is completed, the team will be adding in some subtle easter eggs and create different things to interact with in each room. Furthermore, the LCARS displays will one day allow players to perform various actions in the game by pressing buttons on the displays.

What’s really cool here is that there is a version of this project that you can go ahead and download right now. Not only that, but there is a VR version too that supports both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive VR headsets.

Those interested can download Star Trek The Next Generation Unreal Engine 4 from here, and below you can find the key features of its latest version (as well as some screenshots). Kudos to our reader HAL9000 for informing us!

Stage 9 Version 0.0.10 Key Features

  • An entirely new Main Bridge, created by Rekkert with high fidelity accurate LCARS displays made by Stealth_Ferret
  • Our first set of ongoing changes to implement better lighting in the interior rooms (turns out, baked lighting is actually awesome!) thanks to Jeff_The_Sloths awesome work!
  • The Main Bridge Viewscreen is now a proper viewscreen, change the angles from Worfs Tactical Console
  • Our 3rd new NPC, Miles O’Brien, created by Z4G0
  • Test your phaser skills in the 2 Phaser Ranges on Deck 4
  • A bunch more star systems to warp to
  • Type 15 Shuttle is now flyable
  • Fly the ship around inside star systems in both first and third person
  • Fully functioning Holodeck with a list of simulations to run (including the original series Enterprise Bridge, created by the talented Ian62)
  • Brand new music sequences composed by Patrick Phillips
  • New Ressikan Flute, you too can play the Inner Light theme tune!
  • By popular request, you can see the ship hull outside the Ready Room and Observation Lounge now!
  • Often requested, the reinstatement of Disco mode on the Main Bridge, featuring the amazing ‘Data & Picard’ by Pogo.
  • Real working replicators (well, most of them anyway)
  • Borg Encounter!
  • Warp Core Breach!
  • Earth, Dry Dock! The Defiant! LOTS OF THINGS!

Stage 9 V0.0.10 Release Video