Half Life 2 feature

Here are 24 minutes of gameplay from the early beta and tech demo of Half Life 2

I seriously love these videos that YouTube’s NeoGamer has been publishing lately. Following the video that showcased the early versions of the first Half-Life, NeoGamer has released another video showing the early beta versions and the tech demo – that amazed all gamers when it was originally showcased – from Half Life 2.

Going into more details, this video features the Half-Life 2 E3 2002 reveal trailer (which featured content that was cut from the final version) as well as the E3 2003 Tech Demo.

These are really old videos so I’m pretty sure that some of you will remember them. Still, there are some gamers out there that have never seen them so make sure to watch this video if you are one of them.

As said, I really love this type of videos as they remind me what some of our beloved games looked like prior to their official release. A good example is the Halo video that showcased the game from its strategy roots to its full fledged first-person version.