Here are 15 minutes of gameplay footage from Black Mesa: Xen

IGN has shared two videos, showing 15 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming Xen levels of Black Mesa. The first video shows off the first six minutes of this upcoming mod, while the second video showcases some of its environments and enemies.

Black Mesa Xen has been under development for a while and these two videos were captured from its latest beta build. This could mean that the mod is close to being released, though there isn’t any specific release date yet.

As its title suggests, Black Mesa Xen features all the alien environments that the original Half-Life game featured. In addition, the team has stated that it will extend some and may even add new environments/levels in order to provide a more lengthy experience.

It’s also worth noting that Black Mesa Xen will come with some new  graphical features that will make it look better than the original Black Mesa game. Some of the new graphics effects are Screenspace Fog, Flashlight Dynamic Shadows and Soft Particles.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Black Mesa: Xen - Opening Minutes (HALF-LIFE 1 REMAKE)

Black Mesa: Xen - 9 Minutes of Exploration Gameplay (HALF-LIFE 1 REMAKE)