The Medium screenshots 4

Here are 14 minutes of new gameplay footage from The Medium

Bloober Team has debuted an extended look at gameplay from its upcoming psychological horror game, The Medium. According to the team, this video showcases the different perspectives, environments and powers players will experience in the game.

The 14-minute video sees the titular medium Marianne explore the real and spirit world both alternatively and simultaneously; showcasing the unique split-screen dual reality gameplay system that will see you play in two locations at the same time. Throughout the game, players will be pushed and pulled seamlessly between these two worlds – with about a third of the action taking place in the real world, a third solely in the spirit world and a third in both realms simultaneously.

The video also gives players a taste of gameplay encounters against The Maw; the main antagonist voiced by Troy Baker. Furthermore, it reveals one of its unique abilities, deceitful and insatiable. The Maw, just like Marianne can travel between the real and the spirit world. Thus, it can chase Marianne across both realities. In the spirit world, The Maw is visible and can easily spot Marianne, while she can defend herself with the Spirit Blast. However, traveling to the material world makes The Maw invisible but also blind, so it relies solely on hearing to locate its prey there.

The Medium will release in January 2021. Yesterday, Bloober Team also detailed the game’s Ray Tracing effects. Additionally, here are its official PC system requirements!

The Medium - Official 14-Minute Gameplay