Half Life Fan Film ‘Escape From City 17’ Turns To IndieGoGo For Its Third Part

Half Life
Escape From City 17 was one hell of a Half-Life fan film. Created by the Purchase Brothers, this short film series (there are actually two parts that can be viewed below) made us wish for a proper Half Life movie. And since we’re not getting one anytime soon, we are really excited about this third part that is currently under production.
According to its IndieGoGo page, Purchase Brothers have turned the footage of Escape From City 17 Part 3 over to Frank Gugliuzzi who helped produce Part 2 as we have been working on other projects. And now, Frank and his team aims to raise $50K in the next 29 days in order to complete it.
As Frank said:
“Part 3 was actually filmed but the brothers became too busy to finish it. CGI requires hundreds of hours of work.
We had big plans for Part 3 including an incredible car chase sequence, which you may have seen briefly in one of the teasers for Part 2. Ian Purchase has given permission to use the footage and If everyone helped out, we could bring on a Visual Effects team and make Part 3 a reality.”
It will be interesting to see whether Valve will send Frank a C&D letter, as that’s precisely what Square Enix and Nintendo did for some fan-made movies of Final Fantasy VII and Metroid that have turned to crowd-funding help in order to be completed.
Enjoy the teaser trailer of Escape From City 17 – Part 3!