Codename Partisans

Gameplay footage surfaces for YAGER’s cancelled Codename: Partisans

PtoPOnline has shared a video, showcasing 7 minutes of gameplay footage from Codename: Partisans. Codename: Partisans was a prototype developed by Yager Development shortly after the release of Yager.

This prototype was in development in 2003-2004. YAGER was originally planning to complete and release the game on PC and the original Xbox. However, the team decided to abandon Microsoft’s first console and focus on releasing the game on PC and Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about this prototype. From the looks of it, Codename: Partisans would allow players to assume the role of a partisan. It would feature big environments, a third-person perspective, and would allow players to drive vehicles.


Codename: Partisans | Unreleased Yager Game for Xbox 360 and PC!