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Full-length Cyberpunk 2077 preview 2020 gameplay video + first-person screenshots

A few days ago, we shared a 15-minute gameplay video for Cyberpunk 2077. And today, we are happy to present you the full-length gameplay video from the preview 2020 build of Cyberpunk 2077. This is the full video that CD Projekt RED sent to numerous journalists.

From what we know so far, this gameplay footage was captured in 4K and at 30fps. Furthermore, and while it was running on a PC, it was not using any real-time Ray Tracing effects. These effects, however, were present in a preview event that CD Projekt RED held, in which it allowed the press to play 5 hours from the game.

Anyway, I’m certain that most of our readers will find this video interesting. Do note, though, that it features same gameplay sequences that you’ve already seen in the previous 15-minute gameplay video.

I’ve also included below some first-person screenshots that CD Projekt RED has released. These screenshots come closer to what the current preview 2020 build looks like. CD Projekt RED captured these screenshots in 4K and Max Settings. For bandwidth purposes, we’ve resized at 1080p via lossless methods. Unfortunately, they have some awful DOF and Chromatic Aberration effects. Still, it will be interesting to see whether the final game in 4K will look like this.

Cyberpunk 2077 releases on November 19th.


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