Doom feature v2

First official trailer released for the new Doom movie, Doom: Annihilation

As you may have noticed, we don’t usually share news about movies that are based on video-games. I know that some of you may be interested in such stories (I mean, who can’t appreciate the new looks of Sonic? Right? RIGHT?) and we may put more emphasis on this in the future (so let us know if you are interested in such stories). Still, I really had to share this first official trailer for the new Doom movie.

The first Doom movies was released in 2005 and it was mediocre. There was a really cool first-person sequence at the end of the film but it didn’t age well (that first-person scene looks horrible for today’s standards).

But anyway, this new Doom movie is called Doom: Annihilation aaaaaand… well… it did not impress me. At least the movie will keep the Hell theme (something that was lacking from the previous movie. So it’s a progress I guess?).

Doom, the classic video-game at least, was all about the hordes of monsters, the gore, as well as the fast and frenetic combat mechanics. It’s not a complex concept and I seriously hope that this movie will be closer to this. Yes, Doom 3 brought some horror elements (because let’s be honest here; Doom with its sprites wasn’t a scary game even back in those DOS days) but we’ve already seen a movie that aimed to capture that feeling. As such, I hope that Annihilation will be more action-packed and faithful to it.