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F1 2018 and Battlefield 3 running in 8K on Max Settings on two NVIDIA Titan RTX GPUs

YouTube’s ‘Thirty IR‘ has shared two new videos, showcasing F1 2018 and Battlefield 3 running in 8K resolution on Max settings with more than 60fps. In order to achieve something like that, Thirty IR has used two NVIDIA Titan RTX graphics cards in SLI.

F1 2018 looks spectacular in 8K as there aren’t any jaggies that can distract players while playing. This racing game already looks great in 4K and some may say that there are diminishing returns when running it in 8K, however I’m pretty sure that some would enjoy running the game in such high resolutions.

On the other hand, I’m a bit disappointed with the gameplay footage of Battlefield 3. The game runs with more than 60fps in 8K on Max settings, however the footage that was captured was from a multiplayer mode. I strongly believe that the single-player mode looks better and it would be awesome to have some of the missions in 8K (the fly mission or the desert mission would be awesome in 8K).

But anyway, as I’ve already said I really enjoy watching these videos. 8K gaming is currently very expensive but it is at least possible, something that really blows my mind (as I thought it would take us a few more years until the best high-end systems could run modern-day games in 8K with 60fps).


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