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Century: Age of Ashes get an official gameplay trailer

Century: Age of Ashes is an upcoming Early Access free-to-play multiplayer game from Playwing LTD. The game features fast-paced gameplay in intense arena battles.

Century: Age of Ashes is basically a dragon battle game, in which dragons controlled by riders fight each other in aerial combat. The game will offer a wide variety of rider classes and dragons.

Furthermore, the game will feature three different modes: Carnage, Survival, and Gates of Fire. Carnage is the classic deathmatch, Survival is a last team standing mode, where up to 18 players divide into 3 teams. Lastly, Gates of Fire is a capture the flag mode, in which two teams gain points by flying through specific gates while holding the flag.

In addition, Century: Age of Ashes will feature 3 unique classes each with their own distinct abilities. These are the Skelding Windguard, the Naerdor Phantom, and the Svard Marauder. Obviously, the riders and the dragons will be customizable.

Below you can watch the official gameplay trailer for Century: Age of Ashes.


Century: Age of Ashes | Gameplay Trailer

Century: Age of Ashes will be released in April on Steam.

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