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Brutal mod for Quake, Qore, will be now using the FTEQW Engine, gets new gory gameplay video

Modder ‘DaisyFlower’ has announced that his Brutal mod for Quake, Qore, will switch engines. Instead of using the Darkplaces engine, Qore will be now using the FTEQW Engine. As the modder noted, this engine is better in pretty much every way, and features a more developed particle system.

As the modder stated:

“The whole shader-section of the qore.cfg would fall away because all those shader-options are present in the form of the ingame options menu in FTEQW. That means you wouldn’t have to reconfigure the qore.cfg with every update. Also i could write my own option menu entries, which means there wouldn’t be a qore.cfg at all. You could make all those configurations in the ingame option menu.”

DaisyFlower has also improved the gib physic system for Qore. Thanks to this new system, blowing a monster to pieces with a shotgun will now send the gibs into the shot direction instead of any direction. Moreover, some of the gibs will stick to the walls – if there are any – and slide down until they hit the ground.

In order to showcase the new gib system, DaisyFlower released a brand new gory gameplay video of Qore. And it looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s a step towards the right direction and it definitely looks better than the previous one.

DaisyFlower has not announced when Qore V0.8 will hit the Internet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Do note, however, that the new engine won’t be implemented in this version. DaisyFlower plans to port Qore from Darkplaces to FTEQW Engine in version 0.9 or 1.0.

But anyway, enjoy this new video that shows off Qore’s new gib physics system and stay tuned for more!

Qore v08 gore improvement preview