Portal feature

Portal Reloaded is a new mod for Portal 2, to be released in April 2021

Jannis Brinkmann has announced a new free community mod for Portal 2, Portal Reloaded. The mod will release on April 19th, 2021, and will build on the concepts of the main game by allowing you to place a third portal, which enables traveling between two different timelines.

According to the modder, Portal Reloaded will have 25 brand new mind and time-bending puzzles. You play as test subject [4-5-0-9] that awakes from stasis by an automated AI.

In Portal Reloaded you get a hold of the Triple Portal Device, which allows you to shoot three different portals. The familiar blue and orange portals, connecting two different places in space and a third green time portal, which connects two different timelines.

Players will be able to travel between the present and a version of reality 20 years in the future. This will basically open up a completely new way of puzzle solving that promises to intrigue players.

In order to celebrate this announcement, the modder has released a trailer for Portal Reloaded that you can find below.


Portal Reloaded - Reveal Trailer