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Alan Wake 2 gets an official Gamescom 2023 gameplay trailer

Remedy has released the Gamescom 2023 gameplay trailer for Alan Wake 2. This trailer focuses on Alan Wake himself and also includes some live-action sequences that the game will have. Yeap, similar to Quantum Break, Remedy has implemented live-action cut-scenes to the game.

Alan Wake 2 was originally meant to come out on October 17th. However, the game will now target an October 27th release, meaning that it was only delayed by just ten days.

In Alan Wake 2, players will continue the writer’s story and experience Remedy’s first foray into survival horror. According to the developers, players will assume the role of both Alan Wake and a new female FBI agent. And, from the looks of it, their stories will be interconnected.

As we’ve already reported, the game will be exclusive on Epic Games Store. At least at launch. And, earlier today, NVIDIA revealed that it will support DLSS 3.5.

Alan Wake 2 will be powered by the Northlight Engine, and we’ll have some new interesting details to share tomorrow. Alan Wake 2 promises to be one of the best-looking games of 2023. So yeah, we’re definitely interested in it.

Enjoy this Gamescom 2023 trailer for Alan Wake 2 and stay tuned for more!

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