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Intel offers Overclocking “insurance” for unlocked K series COMET LAKE-S CPUs

Written by Metal Messiah

Here is some good news for hardcore overclockers. It looks like INTEL has just updated it’s Performance Tuning Protection Plan. In case you weren’t aware the Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP) is an additional plan to cover processor failures caused by operating the eligible processor outside of Intel’s published specifications.

According to the new terms the company is giving some “insurance” to Gamers who plan to Overclock their K-series of Comet lake processors, basically for the unlocked Core i9, Core i7 and Core i5 parts. INTEL plans to give gamers some “peace of mind” when overclocking their K-series processors.

They have now extended the PTPP to 10’th Gen COMET LAKE series. Previously, the Processor Tuning Protection Plan was only available for 9th generation processors. Older generation processors are NOT supported though.

Under this new scheme, Intel offers one free replacement if you end up with a “faulty or dead” CPU as a result of overclocking. This is only valid for the unlocked Core K series SKUs.

The PTPP applies to both “mainstream” and “HEDT” processors. The cost of insuring the first is $19.99, while the latter will cost you around $29.99. Regardless of which Comet Lake CPU you pick, the PTTP will cost you the same $19.99, which is the same price charged for insuring Intel’s 9th Gen CPUs as well.

In my opinion, if viewed from an economical standpoint, Intel’s PTTP scheme seems like a bargain for hardcore overclockers. For what it’s worth, the flagship Core i9-10900K processor has now gone up for preorder at $599.99, which is around $188 more expensive than Intel’s MSRP !

Yeah, there are gamers who are willing to pay a “premium” for this flagship INTEL Comet Lake-S  CPU. But I don’t see any point in all of this though. It looks like this new Overclocking insurance will cost less than 4% of the processor’s MSRP, should you plan to opt for this scheme.

Full list of supported CPUs can be found here.