Batman Court of Owls temp header

After months of silence, Warner Bros Montreal is ready to talk about… the studio

In January 2020, Warner Bros shared some teasers about its upcoming Batman game. Unfortunately, and after releasing those teasers, the team went silent. Until today. Warner Bros has finally broken its silence, claiming that it’s ready to talk about… the studio.

Obviously this isn’t what most gamers have been expecting. However, this may mark the marketing campaign for the new Batman game. Or at least that’s what we can all assume. After all, Warner Bros was originally planning to reveal this new Batman game at E3 2020.

From what we know so far, Warner Bros Montreal is most likely working on a Court of Owls game. In December 2018, WB Montreal’s Assistant Producer shared an image of a T-shirt that featured a logo almost identical to the Court of Owls symbol. In September 2019, Scott Snyder, creator of Court of Owls, also hinted at this game. Its latest rumour suggested that the whole Batman family will also be playable.

Let’s at least hope that Warner Bros will deliver this time around, and won’t go silent for another two or three months.

Stay tuned for more!