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First Screenshots Unveiled For “Mars: War Logs”

Focus Home Interactive has released the first screenshots for Spiders Studio’s upcoming game, Mars: War Logs. These six images are a testament of the progress made on the game, since its first appearance in the short video teaser unveiled a few months ago. They give a glimpse of some of the places, inhabitants and creatures of the Red Planet, which are brought to life by the Silk Engine, the graphics engine developed by Spiders Studio. Continue reading First Screenshots Unveiled For “Mars: War Logs”

Sci-Fi RPG ‘Mars: War Logs’ Unveiled

Mars: War Logs, the action RPG developed by Spiders for Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and PC download, has been unveiled today in video! Mars: War Logs promises to offer a wide variety of quests, tactical dynamic combat, and extensive character specialization through different skill trees and a complete craft system. Continue reading Sci-Fi RPG ‘Mars: War Logs’ Unveiled