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Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

I was really wondering how to begin writing this Review. Should I say that Duke Nukem Forever is finally here with us? “No shit dude, we can already see it” would be the answer from most of you. Should I say that I was not impressed with the low scores from all other gaming sites? It’s too obvious. Should I say that we won’t have our classic April’s Fool joke from this moment on? Hmmm, perhaps I should invent another one, like Duke Nukem Forever & Ever. Or should I say that it was not worth the wait? Nyaaaaah. After all, you can see its score so you should already know the answer. Perhaps I should borrow the lyrics of a Greek song: ‘What? Tell me what? I don’t know what to tell you. It was the end of an era!’ Continue reading Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

Duke Nukem Forever PC Performance Analysis

Most of you pretty much know what happened with Duke Nukem Forever so we won’t discuss extensively its development cycle. For those that don’t, here is how the story goes more or less. 3D Realms developed the PC version with an enhanced Unreal engine and was shut down, about two years ago. After its closure, Triptych Games decided to continue the game’s development and due to their hard work, the PC version of DNF was almost finished. Gearbox Software then stepped in and acquired the game’s rights. With Piranha Games’ help, the company polished, ported the PC version to consoles and added the multiplayer mode. And voila, Duke Nukem is back with us. Continue reading Duke Nukem Forever PC Performance Analysis