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Cities XL 2012 – Six New Screenshots

Focus Home Interactive unveiled today six new screenshotsof Cities XL 2012, showing part of the extensive new content. Players will get to see some of the 300 new buildings featured in the new edition of the popular city-building simulation. These screenshots also show off some of the new, challenging maps where virtual city planners will be able to design and create cities down to the slightest detail! Continue reading Cities XL 2012 РSix New Screenshots

Cities XL 2012 – Five New Images Unveiled

Cities XL 2012 today unveiled a series of 5 exclusive screenshots! This new edition of the famous City Builder for PC, that allows you to build, develop and connect huge cities, enriches itself with several hundred new buildings, all while adding numerous brand new, highly detailed constructible maps! Continue reading Cities XL 2012 – Five New Images Unveiled