The Lost Pisces Looks Beautiful, New Screenshots Released

Sirenum Digital has released some new screenshots for its Unreal Engine 4-powered game, The Lost Pisces. Despite the fact that The Lost Pisces looks stunning, its Kickstarter campaign failed. The reasons are still unknown, however Sirenum Digital aims to launch an IndieGoGo campaign for it.

This IndieGoGo campaign will have a goal of $40K so that the team can create a full demo for the game. The IndieGoGo campaign will be launched on May 11th, and the team aims to bring this game afterwards -once and if funded – to Steam Early Access.

Enjoy the screenshots and kudos to OnlySP for sharing them!

HighresScreenshot00008-copyHighresScreenshot00022HighresScreenshot00037HighresScreenshot00038HighresScreenshot00060-copyHighresScreenshot00101The Lost Pisces feature