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Metal Gear Solid Shadow Moses Remake In Unreal Engine 4 Is Cancelled

iRam Gamer has been working these past few months on an amazing remake of Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Moses environment in Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, though, this project has been officially cancelled. While iRam Gamer has not revealed the reasons behind this cancellation, our guess is that he received a C&D letter from Konami.

As iRam Gamer announced:

“We have an important announcement to make today:

We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control.

We would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support we have received.”

This project looked stunning, and iRam Gamer was able to create an spectacular recreation of the original environment. iRam Gamer was working – alongside other people – on adding more characters from the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Solid Snake, Meryl and the snow enemy type from Metal Gear Solid were under development for it. In addition, Gray Fox was hinted in some screenshots.

This project also featured the ability to switch between third-person and first-person modes.