Fallout 4 – DirectX 11 Mod Aiming To Improve The Game’s Lighting System

Modder ‘SirGreenThumb’ has released a new DX11 mod for Fallout 4 that aims to improve its lighting system. TrueLighting basically tries to correct the washed out look of the game and make the lighting look more realistic without compromising too much what the game designers and artists intended.

As SirGreenThumb claimed:

” I tried to keep daytime looking its original brightness without being washed out, while darkening and lengthening the night to create a more realistic night time. Similar to an ENB preset but this plugin utilizes the Fallout 4 DirectX 11. “

Here are the key features of this mod:

  • It tones down bloom and eye adapt overall to more reasonable levels.
  • It calibrates certain lights for more realism.
  • It calibrates image space settings for indoor areas for a less washed out look. (still under development, some areas have not been calibrated).
  • It calibrates the image space settings for an unprecedented night time look, as well as less washed out look for daytime while keeping daytime bright.
  • It calibrates night time directional ambient to achieve a realistically dark night without darkening other lights.
  • It calibrates image space settings for dawn and dusk transitions for a seamless day/night transitions.
  • it calibrates image space settings for all time frames, weather patterns and areas for more realism.
  • It alters brightness for sun, moon, stars, upper sky, lower sky, horizon, clouds, and effects lighting for more realism.
  • It alters cloud layers, clouds transparency, fog, mist, sun glare, and moon glare for more realism.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Enjoy the following comparison screenshots. Fallout 4 vanilla is on the left whereas Fallout 4 modded is on the right.