Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 feature

Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 is available on PTU and here are some beautiful screenshots from it

Cloud Imperium has released Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 on PTU (Persistent Test Universe) and our reader ‘Sean’ has shared with us some screenshots from it. These screenshots will give you an idea of some of the new areas and features that Cloud Imperium has implemented in it.

Among the new areas that are included in Star Citizen Alpha 3.5, Cloud Imperium has also implemented Asynchronous Disconnection Refactor which aims to improve efficiency and usability of the asynchronous disconnection code. Refactoring this will clean-up a lot of bugs such as infinite loading screens, server crashes, and client crashes, while also helping to assure that more of these issues don’t occur in the future.

The following screenshots show off the Area 18 landing zone on ArcCorp, as well as a new planet in the Stanton System covered with buildings and industrial areas.

Do note that this is the first version of Star Citizen Alpha 3.5, meaning that the build that will be made available to all backers may – or may not – include more bug fixes and additional improvements.

Cloud Imperium plans to release Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 to all backers in Q1 2019.