Risen 3: Titan Lords – New Screenshots Released

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes unveiled details and the first screenshots surrounding the Guardians Guild in the upcoming and anticipated role playing game, Risen 3: Titan Lords. Showcased via a series of screenshots, the last Mages and their faithful Guardians face a sinister and dark menace.

“Once a proud and elite order, the Mages were well-respected counselors of the kings. Now, outlawed by the Inquisition, they live a secluded life on the thunderous island of Taranis. As the hero of Risen 3: Titan Lords, you have the option to join the guild of the Guardians and learn the powerful spells of their crystal magic as you traverse the land in an effort to conquer your enemies and save the world.”

Risen 3: Titan Lords is coming later this year to PC, X360 and PS3.