New Watch_Dogs Mod – Based On TheWorse 0.8 – Brings Dynamic Rendered Rain, Fixes & Denser Particles

The latest version of TheWorse’s mod for Watch_Dogs had major bugs that – unfortunately – were not resolved. PC gamers reported ‘weird’ trees issues and the wind did not affect Aiden’s jacket. Well, Guru3D member ‘Lunayah’ decided to step in, merge together a number of mods, and came up with the definitive – at least thus far – mod for Watch_Dogs.

According to Lunayah, his mod packs the following key features:

– Jacket and wind enviroment fully working
– Dynamic rendered rain
– Higher view distances
– Better texture polls
– Better LODs,
– Better shadows,
– Higher decals
– Denser particles, rain,
– Natural light
– High quality reflections
– 0.8 tree fix

As Lunayah claimed:

“Here’s TheWorse Mod 0.8 enhanced. I modified a few texture polls in the engine settings in order to get nicer textures. I also modifed a few LODs, shadows, decals, particles, rain, light, reflections. etc. This also includes my tree fix. This modification is not meant to be use with the maldos patch. The textures in this modification are somewhere between high and ultra and meant to have no ailiasing. This mod has a minimal performance impact. at least better than ultra textures.”

Those interested can download it from here or from here (in case Guru3D goes down).