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Resident Evil 4 HD Project – New Screenshots Show Unbelievably Detailed Textures (WIP)

Two modders are currently working on a HD Texture Pack project for Resident Evil 4. While an official HD version was released, the textures that Capcom included were a bit underwhelming (to say the least). And – as most would expect – this duo has managed to surpass the development team by creating proper HD textures for this fourth part of the Resident Evil series.

The team has recently released some comparison screenshots between the original and their HD textures, as well as comparisons between the original, the official HD and their own HD textures.

As the team noted, it is currently developing the new textures based on the Ultimate HD version of the game.

Those interested can go ahead and download the first release of this texture pack that focuses on the prologue of the game.

Resident Evil 4 HD Project is still far from being completed. According to the team, 30% of the game’s environmental textures were completed back in October.

Still, this project looks really promising so here is hoping that the duo will keep working on it.


Original versus HD Project

Original versus Ultimate HD versus HD Project

First Official Demo Video - Resident Evil 4 HD Project