Rumor: Xbox One Exclusive “Sunset Overdrive” May Come To The PC According To An Online Ad

Rumor alert everyone. According to an online ad – spotted by NeoGAF‘s member ‘Lucifon’ – Sunset Overdrive may come to the PC. As we can clearly see in the following ad, Sunset Overdrive is – at least advertised as – coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC.

Insomniac Games has not confirmed anything but since we got both Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome, we wouldn’t be surprised to actually get this title too on our platform.

Still, we strongly suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

You can find a screenshot from that online ad below. Naturally – and if this a real leak – do not expect to see Sunset Overdrive on the PC for a couple of months.

Let’s also don’t forget that Insomniac Games is experimenting with Unity 4.5 and the PC platform. And since Sunset Overdrive’s IP is owned by them, we won’t be shocked to see this game hitting the PC.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!