Quantum Break 4K

Quantum Break Is Perhaps THE Most Beautiful PC Game in 4K Without Its Reconstruction Tech

The latest update for Quantum Break includes an option to disable the reconstruction tech, via which the game was rendering at a lower resolution and was then upscaled to your desired resolution. And below you can see for yourselves what this game looks like in 4K without that annoying tech.

Quantum Break is beautiful. No, let me rephrase it. Quantum Break is perhaps the game with the best visuals we’ve ever seen. Its lighting system is spectacular, it’s packed with really high-quality textures for pretty much all surfaces, its shadows and ambient occlusion effects are stunning, and its reflections are sweet.

Let’s make one thing clear here; there is no doubt that the game could benefit from further optimizations. However, Quantum Break is visually one of the best PC games we’ve ever seen, if not the best. Seriously, just take a look at the following screenshots. Everything looks sooooooo good. Yes, the game does require a really powerful GPU in order to shine but the end result is simply glorious and beyond anything available on the PC (better than Assassin’s Creed: Unity or Crysis 3… with only Star Wars: Battlefront able to compete with it). Yes, Star Wars: Battlefront runs better but that’s a beast of its own that has not been topped even by other Frostbite 3 games.

Quantum Break was simply unplayable on our GTX980Ti in 4K. We are pretty sure that we were hitting below 20fps (yeap, it was THAT bad). However, the game in 4K without its reconstruction tech looks stunning. So let’s forget for a second its UWP nature, its lack of multi-GPU support (that it’s due to DX12, at least for now), and that everyone hates Microsoft’s store and let’s focus on the quality of its visuals.

What’s also worth noting here is that we did not use a Reshade. This is vanilla Quantum Break in 4K, and it looks THIS good.

For your viewing pleasures, we’ve downsampled the images at 1080p. We strongly suggest downloading the uncompressed 4K screenshots from here in order to enjoy the images in their full 4K glory!