Operation Black Mesa screenshots-1

New screenshots for Half-Life Opposing Force & Blue Shift Fan Remakes in Black Mesa

Tripmine Studios has announced that its fan remakes of Half-Life Opposing Force and Half-Life Blue Shift will now come in one fan game, Operation: Black Mesa. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released some new screenshots that you can find below.

Operation: Black Mesa features reimaginings of both Half-Life Opposing Force and Half-Life Blue Shift through two unique campaigns. Moreover, this fan game will be using the Source Engine, in a similar way that Black Mesa did before it.

Here are also its key features:

  • Two single-player campaigns featuring expanded gameplay and new content.
  • A plethora of engine enhancements and new graphical effects. The Source engine looks better than ever.
  • Fast-paced combat with over 30 unique enemy types – Run. Think. Shoot. Live.
  • Over eighteen weapons suited for all play styles. How will you survive Black Mesa?
  • Original music. Two games – two soundtracks.
  • Expanded narrative elements to connect with established Half-Life lore.
  • Customize the game to your liking with a mod-friendly set of tools.


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