New Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots show beautiful sea waves, volumetric clouds and more

Microsoft has released a new set of gorgeous screenshots for Microsoft Flight Simulator. These screenshots are from the game’s alpha build and showcase some truly amazing sea waves and volumetric clouds.

The header screenshot in particular showcases some truly incredible graphics. Similarly, the second screenshot below shows off some lovely sea waves. These two screenshots definitely show why we consider Microsoft Flight Simulator as one of the games that will look stunning when it comes out.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator, players will be able to fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world. Players will also be able to create their flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, the game will have day/night environments, as well as challenging weather conditions.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that a new alpha build is currently available. Not only that, but Microsoft has sent new Alpha invitations, so make sure to check your inboxes.

Kudos to alpha members ExpressTomato52, Trainplane3, OperatorLand468, WhiteLight506, ImRealSerial, PlumbingStar6, SoapyDiamond333 and WoodedCoot31410 for capturing them.