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New in-game screenshots leaked online from Watch Dogs Legion

A few slightly blurry screenshots of Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs Legion have made their way onto Reddit. According to the thread, these particular in-game images were leaked by Chinese Media during their preview of the game earlier today.

These screenshots are admittedly not particularly exciting given they don’t reveal anything that hasn’t already been said about Watch Dogs Legion. Still, at least we now have a better idea of what to expect from a visual level as the game approaches its release date, which many believe will be later this year.

There are two gameplay scenes, with one image depicting the player’s ‘operative’ disguised as a police man. The mini-map in the image suggests the player’s objective lies inside the station, and we see the classic Watch Dogs gimmick of having access to an NPC’s personal information, which the player could presumably use against the female officer to enter the building.

The leaks also show in-game menus, which players can likely use to scroll through the other operatives, and then decide whom they want to play as, or whom they want to call to their aid.

For the latest updates on what’s happening with Watch Dogs Legion, make sure to catch Ubisoft Forward streamed this Sunday, 12 July. You can read more about this online event here, and you can even pick up a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 for joining the action.

You can read the original Reddit post here.



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