Resident Evil 4 feature

New gorgeous screenshots released for Resident Evil 4 HD Project, showing improved characters & animals

Modder ‘Albert’ has released a new set of comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded HD version of Resident Evil 4. In these new screenshots, Albert showcased the improved textures for some characters (like the female Ganados and policemen) and animals.

Albert and Chris have done an incredible job with Resident Evil 4 HD Project and the game now looks more like a late PS3/Xbox360 title instead of a Wii/PS2/Xbox game. Now while the textures and the new special effects look great, and even though there have been some 3D tweaks to some characters, all of them look dated for today’s standards.

Still, the game looks better than ever and is – at least in my opinion – the best way to replay this classic title. Seriously, just look some of the comparison screenshots below and admire the improved visuals that the duo was able to achieve.

Albert claimed that there won’t beĀ another pack before the final one, however those interested can download Release 3 that came out this June.