My Eyes Are Burning – New CryEngine 3 Screenshots Full Of Lens Flares Effects

CryEngine modders and indie developers have posted some new screenshots from their upcoming projects and holy batman do they love lens flares. We strongly suggest putting your sunglasses on before viewing them because some modders went overdrive with those new lens flares effects that were introduced in the latest build of the free CryENGINE SDK. The highlights of this week are Revan1199’s and USSR_GRAND’s maps. These two modders have created two amazing maps that do not rely on those annoying lens flares, so kudos to them. Enjoy!

ReVan1199 no1ReVan1199 no2USSR_GRAND no1USSR_GRAND no2USSR_GRAND no3andresilveira86 no1Haytch0 no1Rosy no1CXC no1DevGuy1975 no1Novation no1Novation no2jubstudio no1JuninhoEcko no1Maximum-Dev no1