Doom 64

Here are some 4K screenshots from Doom 64 Remaster

Bethesda has included Doom 64 for those that have pre-ordered Doom Eternal. This remastered version of Doom 64 was handled by Nightdive Studios, and runs on the KEX Engine. As such, we’ve decided to capture some 4K screenshots and share them with you.

As with most of Nightdive’s remasters, Doom 64 has some slight changes and improvements. For instance, the game has higher quality textures and lighting effects. However, its enemy sprites appear very similar to those found in the original version. In our opinion, the game would greatly benefit from some AI-enhancements. Unfortunately, though, Nightdive has not used such techniques for this remaster.

Doom 64 comes with a limited amount of graphics settings. PC gamers can adjust their resolution and a few options. Thankfully, there is a FOV slider and you can completely unlock your framerates. Moreover, the game supports mouse movement from the get-go (though it does not allow you free mouse look).

It’s also worth noting that this new version of Doom 64 comes with a brand new chapter.

Below you can find some screenshots from the first 5 levels.