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Launch and preload dates and times for Half-Life: Alyx & DOOM Eternal

The preload for Half-Life: Alyx will begin this Friday and Saturday for Australia. The game will not be unlocked until the release date on March 23rd at 10:00AM PT. You can check the list below for more region times.

  • Pacific Daylight Time – March 23, 10:00AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time – March 23, 01:00PM
  • GMT (London, United Kingdom) – March 23, 05:00PM
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time – March 24, 04:00AM

The DOOM Slayer will be unleashed this Thursday the 19th at 21:01 PDT and March 20th at 04:01 GMT/ 00.01 EDT in North and South America. For Australia, New Zealand, and Asia it’s March 19th at 08:01 PDT/ 11:01 EDT/ 15:01 GMT.

For Europe it’s March 20th at 00:01 GMT. The preload time for the PC is two days (48 hours) before the launch date and time in your region.

DOOM Eternal is a direct sequel to 2016’s DOOM. You can see the similarities between them just by looking at some gameplay. The game promises to continue and expand everything that was great on the first game.

Prepare to raze hell on earth by ripping and tearing everything in your path on March 20th. This is probably your last chance to settle your affairs in case you are a demon.

Make sure you check John’s performance analysis and stay tuned for our review of DOOM Eternal.

Thanks PCGamesN and PCGamer.