DOOM Looks Better Without Its Ridiculously Overused Yellow Filter

Yesterday, John shared a comparison between an image from the new Doom game and a photoshopped one that added more colours to it. Now while this comparison looked great and the shopped imaged looked better, this is something that won’t be easily achieved via a SweetFX mod.

You see, NATHAN RANNEY added specific colours via Photoshopped (instead of simply removing the game’s overused yellow filter). This can be easily noticed by the new blue-ish mouth of that monster (at this point, I’m not sure whether this is a Cacodemon or a Pain Elemental).

Thankfully, Imgur’s member ‘andritsu‘ has released a new comparison, showing what Doom looks like with and without the yellow filter.

Left images are without the yellow filter whereas right images are with the yellow filter.



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