The Callisto Protocol new screenshots-1

The Callisto Protocol gets a second PC performance patch, aiming to improve PSO caching and further reduce stutters

Striking Distance Studios has released the second PC performance patch for The Callisto Protocol which aims to improve PSO caching and further reduce stutters.

Do note that the main focus of this second patch is to resolve the game’s stutters. It will not improve CPU utilization, and will not optimize its Ray Tracing effects.

Truth be told, we were experiencing noticeable stuttering issues, even after applying the game’s first PC patch. Don’t get me wrong, the game wasn’t unplayable. However, there were stutters during scripted events and while exploring the environments.

Striking Distance Studios has not revealed any changelog/release notes for this second PC performance update. Naturally, we’ll test it and update the story with our findings. In theory, the game should not be as stuttery as it was during its launch day.

So yeah, baby steps I guess but at least the developers are trying to improve things. Let’s hope now that they will address the game’s CPU optimization issues, as well as its unoptimized Ray Tracing effects!


After extensively testing the game, we can confirm that there aren’t any traversal stutters (or stutters during scripted events). The developers have fixed all of them.