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Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 12 released and here are all of its changes, tweaks & fixes

Microsoft and Asobo have released a brand new update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to the release notes, Sim Update 12 optimizes the “Checking for updates” phase to reduce the booting time of the simulator. This will improve the download speed in the installation manager, and improve loading time before booting to the main menu.

Furthermore, this patch adds a new assistance option to customize the intensity of turbulence experienced during flight. Not only that, but it introduces Spotlight Event Pack. Spotlight Event Pack is a pack of activities now available in the Marketplace, containing a curated selection of 13 Spotlight Events from the past.

As always, Steam and Microsoft Store will download this patch the next time you launch their clients. Below you can also find its complete changelog (for the Glass Cockpits and Aircraft tweaks and fixes, we suggest visiting this page).

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition - Available now

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 12 Release Notes

  • Optimized the “Checking for updates” phase to reduce the booting time of the simulator; improved the download speed in the installation manager; improved loading time before booting to the main menu
  • Added a new assistance option to customize the intensity of turbulence experienced during flight (based on current altitude, environment, and weather conditions).
  • Turkish and Korean languages have been added into the sim
  • Added an input key to toggle Flight Assistant Panel
  • Spotlight Event Pack: a pack of activities is now available in the Marketplace, which contains a curated selection of 13 Spotlight Events from the past. Please note: completing these activities will not count towards Spotlight Event related achievements.
General Bug Fixes
  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed a bug in the purchase flow of MSFS Marketplace
  • Added Keyboard shortcut to toggle Screen Narrator on/off
  • Control Options menu stops reset to top when assigning a button.
  • “Set Departure”, “Set arrival” & “Zoom to Details” are now appearing when Airport Icon is clicked
  • Fixed aircraft visibility issues with their interior and exterior model
  • Corrected an issue that caused some multiplayer planes to display a purple texture on their Glass cockpits.
  • Fixed Engine Governor being incorrectly labeled
  • Fixed game freeze during boot
  • Added parameter to cfg that allows to fix the legacy flight model integration of the accelerations that was causing wrong accelerations and g-force calculations in the legacy flight model. Integrated collision constraint response into the force calculation for g force estimation when on ground. This allows to have 1.0 when still on ground even with some suspension systems that don’t have enough force to counter gravity.
  • Fixed issues in the building generation that could caused crashes
  • Various localization improvements
  • Fixed airport considered as water if runways have undefined surface type
  • Added Weight & Balance visualization for rotorcraft.
  • [Partially Fixed] Glass cockpit externalization has been reworked. There’s no intermediate window anymore; each glass cockpit opens a distinct window with the glass cockpit name. Window position and size is saved when ending a flight.
  • With multi-layout screens cockpits, mouse collision for glass cockpit externalization is now received only by the current active glass cockpit.
  • Navlog timer no longer resets when user closes and reopens it
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic planes not following the assigned flight plan
  • Fixed live traffic planes incorrectly following departure procedures
  • Also fixed live traffic planes staying stuck at hold short in some airports
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude after takeoff
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic being often unable to depart from the departure gate
  • Also fixed traffic planes causing performance issue in the world map
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes not showing nameplate
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes spawning at an incorrect location and unable to move
  • Also fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude during go around
  • Fixed a crash where ATC uses an invalid runway number
  • Glass cockpit: Waypoint with no associated city now show an empty city field instead of random characters.
  • Glass cockpit: NavigationData expiration year is now properly displayed when date range extends over two years.
  • [Partially Fixed] Heat only thermals are limited in height up to the cloud base (except under clouds)
  • Limited and tuned negative thermals around clouds and hot ground.
  • Reduced thermals close to ground.
  • [Partially Fixed] Improved thermal slanting and cloud alignment.
  • Reduced “blue” hot ground thermals in rain, with altitude and with high winds
  • Reduced mountain turbulence with altitude
  • Maximum vertical wind speed in storm clouds / TCU has been increased
  • Fixed a cloud popping issue when updating Live Weather data
  • Fixed a problem where in water presets, water would be iced for the physics but displayed as water in the rendering.
General Live Weather improvements
  • Live Weather now uses server time instead of local time to avoid inconsistent or no live weather
  • Date of METAR files is now checked before ingesting the data to avoid replacing current METARs with out-of-date METARs in case of CDN issues; this also reduces bandwidth usage
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially stop the game from retrieving clouds
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect weather was injected while retrieving new data, potentially causing abrupt wind and pressure changes as well as cloud popping
  • Also fixed a Rendering issue where clouds were ghosting into the sky at horizon
  • Fixed various issues on leg start in bushtrips (#1)
  • Training activities are now recorded in logbook
  • Fixed an issue that caused the P-51 to run out of fuel too early in Reno races
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the engines to shut down when first starting a mission.
  • In Bushtrips, the Description Box displays incorrect values for the Flight Length, Flight Duration, and Number of Legs