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Gotham Knights December 14th Update released, is 2.4GB, full patch notes

Warner Bros has released a new update for Gotham Knights. The December 14th Update is 2.4GB in size and according to its release notes, it packs several optimizations for performance both GPU & CPU.

Furthermore, this patch features numerous UI and Localization fixes. It also passes on rewards/drops to scale accordingly in the Open World(Beyond level 40).

We’ll be sure to test this patch and see whether it addresses its optimization issues. We’ll update this story to let you know about it.


This Update does fix the game’s stuttering issues. However, it does not address its CPU optimization issues, especially when enabling Ray Tracing. Due to these CPU optimization issues, there are multiple drops below 60fps. Basically, this is similar to what is happening with The Callisto Protocol and The Witcher 3 Next-Gen. So, if you want to play Gotham Knights on PC, we suggest disabling its Ray Tracing effects.

Below you can find its full changelog.

Gotham Knights December 14th Update Release Notes

  • Pass on rewards/drops to scale accordingly in the Open World(Beyond level 40)
Heroic Assault
  • “Ultra Cosmic” Colorway fix to unlock properly
  • Fixes to environment assets
    • Getting stuck or invisible collisions
  • Fixes to AI alertness levels and behaviours
  • Fix for map icons not appearing accordingly
Stability & Optimization
  • Crash fixes for Heroic Assault
  • Crash fix for certain player abilities
  • Fixes to input functionality issues during Heroic Assault
  • Several optimizations for performance both GPU & CPU
  • Fix to font color for some objectives in Activity View
  • Fix to corrupted textures in UIĀ 
  • Correct icons to be displayed for text mute/unmute
  • Fix to crash tied to comm wheel/text chat being used at the same time
  • Several comm wheel fixes
  • Fix for “Cancel” floor prompt not working at times with mouse
  • Fix for player accessing Heroic Assault floors before eligible with mouse
  • Fix to text allignment for Arabic in Photo Mode
  • Fix to Japanese font being corrupted in subtitles and UI at times
  • Fix to some LTR in Arabic in “Social Options”
  • Fixes to lights during Raytracing Reflections
  • Character collision fix in Photo Mode with Ansel