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Doom Eternal DLSS & Ray Tracing PC Patch releases on June 29th

Bethesda has announced that the DLSS & Ray Tracing PC patch for Doom Eternal will release on June 29th. From what we know so far, this RTX patch adds support for ray-traced reflections. Unfortunately, it will not bring ray-traced ambient occlusion, global illumination or shadows.

Now the good news is that a wide range of GPUs will be able to run these Ray Tracing effects at high framerates. A while back, NVIDIA shared a video showcasing the RTX 3080Ti running Doom Eternal in native 4K (without DLSS) on Max settings and with Ray Tracing. This high-end GPU was able to run the game with RT with over 100fps. So yeah, performance-wise, things are at least looking good.

We’ll be sure to benchmark this RTX patch and share our findings the moment this update releases. So yeah, stay tuned for more!

DOOM Eternal | Official GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 4K Ray Tracing Gameplay – World Premiere