Zeno Clash 2 Developers Explain The Lack Of An In-Game FOV, Working On Implementing One

Zeno Clash II v2
Zeno Clash 2 has just been released, and it seems that a lot of PC gamers are quite unhappy with it. The reason behind most of Steam users’ complains is the lack of an in-game FOV slider, something that made a number of gamers get sick while playing the game. It’s the typical headache you get from a low FOV setting, thus the developers decided to step in and explain why there isn’t any FOV setting.
First things first, the first Zeno Clash title was powered by Valve’s Source Engine, while its sequel is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. This obviously means that each engine handles differently the FOV setting and values, something that most obviously must be the culprit behind Zeno Clash 2’s FOV issues.
According to the developers, Zeno Clash 2 uses the same FOV values as the first game did, and since they didn’t get any complains about, the devs assumed that everything would be fine with Zeno Clash 2.
It is said that the FOV in zoom-in mode is 65 (or so), while the normal FOV is 90.
Moreover, it seems that there might be some technical issues with simple FOV sliders/workarounds, which is precisely why ACE Team has not resorted in such things for the time being:
“The problem of a configurable FOV is that it would break all the cameras that are custom-adjusted for grabs and other special attacks. So in order to have a configurable FOV we’ll need to come up with a custom solution. A simple slider will not work.”
ACE Team stated that it is currently working on it, so expect more news (or a patch that adds custom FOV settings) in the near future!