You can now download the tech beta build of the cancelled Star Wars: First Assault game

Last year, we informed you about Star Wars: First Assault. Star Wars: First Assault was being developed internally at LucasArts and was cancelled in 2012. Thankfully, its tech beta build found its way on the Internet.

Those interested can download the tech beta build of Star Wars: First Assault from here.

Star Wars: First Assault is different from Free Radical’s Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game. This cancelled Star Wars game played similarly to Call of Duty, and was originally meant to be released in 2013.

According to GamesRadar, respawns happened from dropships in waves, and it seems like everyone could heal via a melee ability. There were unusual guns based around tactical support abilities like knockback and repelling grenades, as well as cloaks and holographic decoys. And there were no Jedi or Sith.

Below you can find 20 minutes of gameplay footage from this leaked tech beta build.

Star Wars: First Assault Tech Beta - Overview