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New AMD Ryzen chipset drivers add AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan, improve performance by up to 8%

Back in April we informed you about AMD’s new balanced power plan. This mode was available in beta form and today the red team has released a new version of the AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers that brings this new mode to all Windows 10 users.

As AMD noted, the Windows-default Balanced plan, in the interest of balancing power and performance, sets higher thresholds and longer timers for transitions into faster P-states than the High Performance plan. This can sometimes limit how quickly our processor responds to “go faster” promptings from high-demand applications. Furthermore, the Balanced plan attempts to park all logical processors beyond the first 10% whenever possible, and resuming from a parked state has a latency cost that can affect performance.

This new power plan comes with noticeable performance improvements in Windows 10 compared to the default balanced power plan.

Do note that these are not the only games that benefit from this new balanced power plan. According to AMD, other games that benefit from the new plan include Total War: WARHAMMER, Alien: Isolation, Crysis 3, Gears of War 4, Battlefield 4 and Project Cars.

You can download this new AMD Ryzen chipset driver from here.