XSeed Games will announce a new game soon, three hints will be given today

XSeed Games announced that they’ll be making an announcement for a new game pretty soon. Yeap, you get that right. This is another announcement of an announcement for an announcement that will be announced. Awkward huh? Still, and contrary to other companies, XSeed Games will reveal today three hints about this upcoming game. Now before jumping to early conclusions, this might be a re-release of a game to a new platform, so hold your horses everyone.
The first hint that XSeed Games gave was an image of a T-Rex. This could either mean that the company is developing a dino game or that they’ll be resurrecting an old franchise. Or that they might release their game to a ‘dead’ platform. We can’t really guess what this is all about just from one hint, so we’ll have to wait for the second that will be revealed at 2:00 PM (PST).
XSeed Games reassured us that the announcement is imminent,¬†meaning that we won’t have to wait too long even we don’t manage to guess what this game is all about.
We’d suggest to stay tuned with the company’s FB page and Twitter account, as those hints will be given from those two channels.
So, what do you think this game from the Japanese company could actually be?

Here are the rest two hints:
So we’ve got Unchained melody that was played during that scene of the movie ‘Ghost’, a T-Rex and a blade of grass. If we put them together, we get ‘Unchained Blades Rexx’. This could mean that we’ll either get a sequel to this Japanese¬†game or a localized version for it. No platforms have been announced as of yet!