Halo 3 PC artwork

Xbox 360 emulator Xenia now supports DirectX 12, first Halo 3 DX12 screenshots revealed

The development team behind Xenia, the best Xbox 360 emulator, has been making some progress and decided to completely ditch the Vulkan API in favour of DirectX 12. As such, and for the time being, Xenia is now exclusive to Windows 10 and the team has shared the first screenshots from Halo 3 being emulated in this latest DX12 version of Xenia.

The team has made impressive steps towards emulating this title, though it’s not close to being perfectly emulated. Also, the team did not include any framerate counter so we don’t know how the game actually runs on it. Still, and since Microsoft has not announced yet the Masterchief Collection for the PC, this may be the only way PC gamers will be able to experience Halo 3 on their machines.

Alongside Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4 has just started rendering and Halo: Anniversary actually shows the opening movie now. As such, we may actually be able to play some of those older Halo games on our machines in the near future.

Last but not least,┬áthe team aims to convert Xenia back to Vulkan at a later stage (we don’t know though whether there are options for DX12 AND Vulkan).

Those interested can download the newest experimental build for Xenia from here.