Worms Reloaded DLC Packs Announced

Team17 announced today the release of the first DLC for their beloved 2D mayhem game, Worms Reloaded. After an unsuccessful 3D attempt with Worms 3D, the series returned to what knows best and features traditional Worms combat over single and multiplayer modes.
The new DLC packs are as follows: The Worms Reloaded Puzzle Pack, The Worms Reloaded Forts Pack, The Worms Reloaded Time Attack and The Worms Reloaded Retro Pack. Each of the DLC packs draw inspiration from the most popular elements of Reloaded, adding new missions, themes, achievements and more to the mix.
John Dennis, Head of Design at Team17 Software said:
“We know that different Worms Reloaded players find different features of the game appealing. Some players like to spend time wracking their brains over fiendishly-designed puzzles, others really enjoy playing fort games, while others still prefer racing each other using just ropes and jet-packs. What can I say? Worms is a pretty diverse game! But we hope that with these four new DLC packs we have something that will appeal to players of all tastes.”
To celebrate this release, Team17 are taking part in Valve’s Steam Summer and as a result of that, The Worms Reloaded DLC Packs are priced, for a limited time, at $4.24/€3.39/£2.54 each for PC, while the game itself is available at 50% off during the sale, at a price of $9.99/€9.99/£8.99.