World of Warships – Closed Beta Phase Begins on March 12th

Wargaming is excited to announce that a new Closed Beta phase for World of Warships will begin on March 12th. Applications are now open for Europe, and will open for North America at 11:00 PST, and Asia at 17:00 SGT.

During the test, players will dive into online naval battles, sharing their feedback with the development team to improve the experience.

In the upcoming Closed Beta, players will have access to five original maps, taking them on a journey through arctic oceans to tropical archipelagos. On their voyage, 50 U.S. and Japanese warships are available for players to challenge the seas and enemy ships.

Both nation’s cruisers have the upper hand against enemy destroyers, and even deal a significant blow to ships of the same class. Japanese battleships are fierce attacking ships, which, thanks to their thick armor, can also offer other vessels on their team excellent cover. Destroyers from both nations are perhaps the most maneuverable of ships, and are perfect for scouting, offering backup, and carrying out deadly torpedo strikes. The fourth and final class are aircraft carriers, initially represented by American warships. These types of ships are unmatched at attacking the enemy and providing reconnaissance—ideal for the more tactical player.

Crews (represented by warships commanders) play an integral role in gameplay. With each level, Commanders gain points that can be spent on a variety of skills divided into several ranks and categories. Players can choose to improve the Commander to best suit their play style from increasing a ship’s resistance to certain damage to decreased reloading times.

In addition to personnel training, Modernizations allow players to develop a ship’s combat capability. There are numerous Modernizations available, such as increasing a weapon’s durability or ship’s resilience to fire and flooding.

For those that enjoy working together as a team to conquer the seas, they can join forces with two other players in Divisions.

In the future, World of Warships will add Japanese aircraft carriers and U.S. battleships. Achievements for many accomplishments in battle as well as customization options will also be introduced to the game.

Those interested can head over to its official website and sign up for the Closed Beta.