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World of Tanks patch 1.4 adds full multi-core CPU support, improves performance by up to 45%

Wargaming has released a new major patch for World of Tanks. This patch brings wheeled French vehicles, improves characteristics for the Chimera and Object 279, reintroduces Ghost Town map, and increases performance on some PC configurations due to full support for multi-threading.

According to the developers, the improved CPU multi-threading support will make it possible to use all the processing cores of your CPU. World of Tanks was mainly a single-threaded game, meaning that it heavily relied on the primary core, so this is undoubtedly great news for all those that are playing this title.

Wargaming claimed that PC gamers can expect performance improvements between 4% and 45%. The biggest performance improvements, at least according to Wargaming’s internal tests, will come to those using the Maximum or Ultra settings (45% and 40%, respectively).

Wargaming has worked closely with Intel in order to implement full multi-core CPU support to the title, and both Intel’s and AMD’s CPUs will benefit from these optimizations.


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