World of Tanks – Latest update allows 30 vs 30 battles

Wargaming has released a new major update for World of Tanks. Update 9.20 adds Grand Battles 30-vs-30 mode, allowing 60 players (in two teams) to battle on a huge new map, Nebelburg, measuring 1.4 km by 1.4 km. This exciting new mode is the domain of Tier X tanks only, which means the spoils of war that come with the territory increases. It’s also where players can earn Bonds, a new in-game currency that can be spent on Directives or Improved Equipment to supercharge their experience.

Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks Marketing Director, said:

“Bringing World of Tanks battles to a whole new level is a really exciting step for us. We received some invaluable player feedback during our tests and are now ready to share the new mode with the community. We’re positive Grand Battles will offer an absolutely fresh experience for our players.”

Update 9.20 also unleashes a full branch of Chinese tank destroyers featuring nine vehicles. They boast great view ranges to take out targets from afar and high camouflage values to keep them hidden. Older vehicles haven’t been forgotten either: a number of vehicles from Japan, France, the USA, and the USSR have been brought up to speed with the game of today.


World of Tanks - Update 9.20 Trailer